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In the 1970s and 1980s, the international journal Spiridon campaigned to democratize running (and in particular to include women in it). Hundreds of thousands of people, in Europe and the United States, ran with Spiridon T-shirts to show their support for this movement, worn by an incredible group of runners-poets-activists.

Their slogan: " All run with us!"

Their philosophy: freedom, solidarity, pleasure, sharing, inclusion .

Thanks to the many archival documents made available to us by these pioneers of free running, we are proud to celebrate their history through our clothing. A story of men, women and passion that was at the origin of a true sporting and cultural revolution.

Franck, Gaëlle and Sébastien.

Our collections are sustainable, from the origin of the materials to the packaging. French design [Paris-Annecy]; Materials labeled recycled and/or organic woven and/or knitted in France, Italy and Portugal.


Summit, technical tank top in recycled fibers. Newlife™ yarn from the recycling of mineral water bottles and food packaging.

On the heart, the “Road Runner” bird, designed in 1973 by Karel Matejovsky in a nod to Fred Lebow's New York Road Runners Club. Nicknamed in a nod to its top speed on land of 40 km/hour, this bird (Géocoucou of its real name) is one of the emblems of the Spiridonians.

On the right shoulder, a broken line, like leaving the track, to symbolize the Spiridon philosophy.

Available in Women's and Men's models.

Spiridon t-shirt running femme recyclée Free to run magazine course à pied

Circuit court et production éthique

Minimiser notre impact environnemental est notre priorité. Tous les vêtements Spiridon sont produits raisonablement et localement dans les meilleurs ateliers d'Europe (France, Italie, Portugal) à partir de matières recyclées, recyclables ou naturelles (pulple de bois, laine mérinos...). Pour sa dernière collection sportswear, Spiridon est allé encore plus loin dans la réduction de son empreinte écologique en utilisant des teintures minérales.

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Spiridon sportswear

Because in the 1970s we ran in cotton.

The T-shirts and sweatshirts from the Spiridon-Sportswear collection are made of Gots® and Oeko-Tex® certified organic cotton. They feature the original graphic designs of Karel Matejovsky, the historical artistic director of Spiridon in the 1970s.

The Spiridon-Sportswear collection is designed in Annecy and manufactured in the European Union (Italy, Portugal).

Spiridon accessories

Low or high compression socks in Global Recycle standard® recycled fibers, reversible headbands, Oeko-Tex® organic cotton cups ... All the pieces in the Accessories collection are designed to match all Spiridon clothing and match perfectly with their color.

The Spiridon-accessories collection is designed in Annecy and manufactured in the European Union (France, Italy, Portugal).

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