Célèbre revue historique de running - juin 1972

Spiridon n°2 - June 1972 - Click and download!

“A little word from you.”

I heard the news this morning.
No matter how much I tell myself, no matter how much I know, we are all straws tossed this way and that with the slightest breath. I repeat things like that to myself.
However, he is stronger than me: he should never have abandoned him, Raphaël.
This is what I tell myself.
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N° 0 de la revue Spiridon. C'est le premier magazine de running francophone dans le monde. Il a eu un retentissement incroyable en Europe et aux USA. Spiridon a ouvert la voie à des milliers de coureurs. Les articles traitaient de course libre, pour tous.

Spiridon n°0 - February 1972

"April 1896. The first modern Olympic Games are about to end. 25 athletes gathered at Marathon..."

MARATHON is a small village with pretty white houses, tightly packed around the church. Erected in the public square, a monument speaks of those who fell during the war.

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Spiridon n°1 - avril 1972

Spiridon n°1 - April 1972

" They talk with their bare legs and arms...

Running, a direct extension of walking, is the most natural physical activity that can be found! No accessory, no artifice: the man, on the run, is alone with his body, his soul and his spirit. No other situation manages to free him more surely from daily trivialities, contingencies, burdens of all kinds. For a few hours, he is free and he remakes the world!

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