Bruce Tulloh chez les Tarahumaras

Bruce Tulloh at the Tarahumaras

The magazine spiridon had published a formidable article signed by the Briton Bruce Tulloh. You have certainly forgotten him, but he is also this runner who managed to cross the United States from Los Angeles to New York, that is 4602 km, in 64 days (1969). He also wrote a book on this subject " Four Million Footstep " (of which we have a first edition). We transcribed for you the article written in June 1973. This had inspired Karel Matejvosky. You will find the illustration "Tarahumara" accompanied by the bird on a collection of our t-shirts. But it has inspired many others, we think of Born to Run by Christopher Mc Dougall which will be published in 2009, a cult book for many runners of our generation (to be found in our shop).
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Cornelia Bürki, une athlète engagée

Cornelia Bürki, a committed athlete

Cornelia Bürki is committed to running in every sense of the word.
15 years of high-level international career but also a strong character that will lead her to commit to the inclusion of women in sport by wearing the Spiridon jersey in important criteriums. And at the time it was not very well seen by the federations to wear this jersey which claimed free running for all. Besides, we are looking for a triumphant full page from the Geneva tribune where she wears a Spiridon tank top after her Swiss record. We found a video of this record in Spiridon.
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Chantal Langlacé à Marvejols-Mende

Chantal Langlacé, heroine of free running

The great Kathrine Switzer was not the only one to have shaken up the codes of running and campaigned for the inclusion of women in marathons. In France, Chantal Langlacé was also a pioneer.
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