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In the 1970s and 1980s, the international journal Spiridon campaigned to democratize running (and in particular to include women in it). Hundreds of thousands of people, in Europe and the United States, ran with Spiridon T-shirts to show their support for this movement, worn by an incredible group of runners-poets-activists.

Their slogan: " All run with us! "

Their philosophy: freedom, solidarity, pleasure, sharing, inclusion .

Thanks to the many archival documents made available to us by these pioneers of free running, we are proud to celebrate their history through our clothing. A story of men, women and passion, at the origin of a true sporting and cultural revolution.


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Our collections are sustainable , from the origin of the materials to the packaging.

French design [Paris-Annecy]; Sourced, recycled and/or organic labeled materials woven and/or knitted in France and Portugal; Manufactured in Portugal.