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Kathrine Switzer "It has been an exceptional experience to have been able to know the Spiridon spirit throughout the 70s, to have been part of this history and to see that it has now evolved into a greater sphere - not only the sphere of inclusion and diversity that we already embraced then but now also eco-friendly. I am very happy to witness the rebirth of Spiridon because the world fundamentally needs it"

Hipli x Spiridon - Colis eco-responsables

Hipli x Spiridon

To ship your clothes, we have chosen reusable and eco-responsible packages from Hipli. When you receive your order, you fold your package and send it back free of charge via the nearest mailbox.

Each time it is reused, it is cardboard that is neither made nor thrown away. The solution thus reduces carbon emissions by 96% and drastically reduces waste related to e-commerce.