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We are a small collective of marathon runners-trailers-graphic designers-stylists-modelers living in Annecy and Paris.
Why SPIRIDON? Because Spiridon is mythical and eternal and we need, more than ever, beautiful, engaging and joyful stories.

Discover part of the profiles of the team in "behind the scenes - the team"


It's an iconic heritage brand for all running lovers. In the 1970s and 1980s, the international journal Spiridon campaigned to democratize running (and in particular to include women in it). Hundreds of thousands of people, in Europe and the United States, ran with Spiridon T-shirts to show their support for this movement, worn by an incredible group of runners-poets-activists. We have decided to relaunch this sleeping beauty in 2019. The operational launch was completed at the end of 2020. Franck Tuil is leading the project with other partners from the world of Outdoor Sports (Sébastien and Gaëlle) and digital (Catherine ).


These are 2 permanent collections for men and women. One from our archives (from 1972 to 1989) and the other combines "vintage" and "modernity" with a new collection identity around the Road Runner bird designed in 1973 by Karel Matejovsky, the artistic director of Spiridon. . The focus is on technical running/trail and lifestyle collections with materials recycled in the EU. Positioning premium , we create all our models in-house, from styling to model making, with materials that we source.


Spiridon is part of a vision of the world with a societal and ecological commitment. For these reasons, we produce all our clothes in the European Union - France, Italy, Portugal (from knitting to tailoring) and visit our workshops regularly. Our materials are recycled or natural (organic cotton, tencel, merino). Our packaging is reusable.

We are fans of new online distribution models while listening to selective distribution opportunities. The two are not incompatible if the partners are well chosen. We have opted for the pre-order model in BtoC or BtoB to avoid overstocks. We want to run far ahead (or far behind) of fast fashion brands or start-ups that are fans of greenwashing, black friday, promo codes galore, sales every four mornings. It's a choice fully assumed between us, but also with the friends of the brand, our customers.

To use the slogan of the Spiridoniens, we hope that you will enjoy " all running with us! "

Spiridon Vintage Boston Marathon 1970