Marvejols-Mende, retour sur une course de légende

Marvejols-Mende, a look back at a legendary race

Marvejols-Mende is 22.4 km, 700 m of vertical drop, 2 passes, including the famous Goudard of 1,100 meters, vertiginous descents in a grandiose natural setting (and this year a heat in climate change mode...). A great physical and sporting challenge! But it's not just that.

Marvejols-Mende is a story. It is one of the first free races in France. When it was created by Jean-Claude Moulin on July 22, 1973, with the friendly support of Spiridon, it was one of the rare events to welcome non-licensees and women. On this date, women were not allowed to run more than 5 km in cross country. The French Athletics Federation even tried to have it banned!

Marvejols-Mende is an atmosphere and encounters. It's a race where, after the event, all generations come together to have dinner and party, without fuss. It's a race where the budget goes into the production of the event much more than into communication. 400 volunteers for 1,500 runners, a prize-giving ceremony in a crowded theater followed by an aperitif with an orchestra (before the evening with a DJ).

Marvejols-Mende is a breath of fresh air , in a world where the races are more and more identical, XXL and impersonal. Here, we talk to each other, we encourage each other, we have fun, we dance. Let's not forget that it was there, in the 1970s, that the Spiridon spirit was born and its slogan “the perfect match, the party first”.

We will be there again next year for the 50th anniversary of the event. We will have plenty of time to talk about it. But know that one of you, Véro, has already offered to organize a turnkey Spiridon stay (transport and accommodation) with her new travel agency…! We love the idea. Above all, we really want to support this race, which must not disappear.