Affiche du marathon de Neuf-Brisach 1975

The Neuf-Brisach marathon (1971-2000)

This marathon is a forgotten legend, yet it is essential in our history. Thanks to our Spiridon archives and those of Neuf-Brisach Athlétisme , we are following in the footsteps of our pioneers.

The avant-garde of running

Immediately after the birth of the magazine Spiridon, Jean Ritzenthaler placed his race under the Spiridon label with the support of Clément Schertzinger, deputy mayor of Neuf-Brisach. And from then on, for the free runners, “going to Neuf-Brisach” meant running the soon-to-be famous marathon there, organized from 1971 to 2000. Located in France, in the Haut Rhin and very close to Switzerland and Germany, it It was the most European of marathons. We will admire a Kathy Switzer, the star of the Boston marathon in 1967, and the big names of Spiridon, such as doctor Norb Sander, winner in New York in 1974, and Chantal Langlacé, world star of the women's marathon, as well as her friend Annick Loir, 2:36 in Montreal. And if no woman came to run in Neuf-Brisach the first time, it will take Ingrid Schoving and Denise Seigneuric to encourage them to start.

42 runners in 1971...

Since its creation in 1971, the marathon has enjoyed growing success, going from 42 runners to 1,500 ten years later. Figures that seem ridiculous to us today but if we compare with the Paris marathon, there were 150 participants in 1978, much less than in Neuf-Brisach during the same period.

With its almost flat course and its friendly atmosphere, the Neuf-Brisach marathon had become an annual meeting place for running enthusiasts from all walks of life, both to improve their performance and to take advantage of the warm atmosphere created by our enthusiasts. and a whole region. She stopped in 2000.

This race will forever be etched in the history of International running.