New collection in mineral dye

Bliss, Mantra and Essential are part of our new mineral dyed cotton collection. We have chosen this ancient technique because it is the most ecological today. It respects the life cycle of soils and uses natural materials such as clay, natural salts and earth minerals (eg azurite, hematite, Lapis-Lazuli...). With this new collection, we continue our approach to be as respectful as possible of the environment.
Hipli x Spiridon - Colis eco-responsables

Hipli x Spiridon

To ship your clothes, we have chosen reusable and eco-responsible packages from Hipli. When you receive your order, you fold your package and send it back free of charge via the nearest mailbox.

Each time it is reused, it is cardboard that is neither made nor thrown away. The solution thus reduces carbon emissions by 96% and drastically reduces waste related to e-commerce.