Spiridon associe le tencel et la laine mérinos

Merino wool and tencel

For the creation of our "Salvan" long sleeve, we have chosen to combine tencel and merino. Explanations...

A perfect marriage for sport

The mix of materials is a key element in the creation of high performance sportswear. Merino wool and tencel are two materials that, when combined, provide exceptional comfort and unique breathability and temperature regulating properties.

The properties of merino wool

Merino wool is a fine, soft wool that comes from the Merino breed of sheep. This wool has natural thermoregulating properties that make it ideal for sportswear. It allows the skin to breathe by allowing air to circulate, which helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during physical exercise. Merino wool is also naturally odor resistant.

Tencel, a very ecological material

Tencel is an ecological material made from poplar, eucalyptus, birch or oak wood pulp. It is soft to the touch and offers excellent breathability for our Salvan tongue sleeve. Tencel is also mildew and odor resistant, making it ideal for outdoor activities. In addition, this fiber uses 95% less water and emits half the carbon dioxide compared to traditional materials.

And the winner is...

The end result is a fine, silky and super light knit. About 100 grams for a size M. It is obviously a garment that you keep in "first layer", in contact with your skin. Its use goes beyond sports. This composition is very comfortable to wear, day and night.