Pyongyang 1071 - Marathon in North Korea


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Nothing was won. We had to go through the registration stage, the selection stage, then prepare for the marathon and a trip to the last communist dictatorship at work. Knowing that we will be guided, disoriented, but also very, very supervised. In his unstoppable style, alternating between humor and cynicism, Jacky Schwartzmann seeks to understand what drives individuals from all over the world to participate in what is certainly the most breathtaking sporting event on the planet: the Pyongyang marathon, open to foreigners.

While relying on the experience of specialists in the country and former expatriates, he will travel 42 kilometers in one of the most closed countries in the world and go beyond his limits. His bib: number 1071. Between crazy dreams, sporting challenge and irrational desire, Jacky Schwartzmann combines emotion, discovery and curiosity, to offer us an unprecedented immersion in a country that has opened its doors to him... the space of a race .