Running for fun


They are thousands. We meet them on the roads, they run in the wind or the storm for hours, days, on tracks, scree, sand or glaciers. They complete the Tour du Mont-Blanc, that of the Annapurnas or the Diagonale des Fous in a few days, accomplishing feats for the sole pleasure of surpassing themselves.
What are they looking for, these effortless people?

Nathalie Lamoureux, herself won over by the madness of the extreme, tries to answer these questions by recounting her personal journey. His testimony, nourished by portraits, anecdotes, adventures and reflections, draws a world which has its codes (the meaning of friendship), its techniques (the meaning of the itinerary), and its stars (the sense of humor). A world where all the emotions play out in the effort: suffering, doubt, happiness, ecstasy... A world where running is living.