La Q-nova,  quésaco ?

The Q-nova, quesaco?

Q-nova is not a new planet, it is an innovative material used for the composition of Spiridon sports socks. This material was developed by scientists and engineers to offer unique advantages, for athletes but also for underwear such as tights. And we love it a lot.


Q-nova is an extremely light and breathable material, which makes it ideal for sports socks. It allows air to circulate freely around the foot, reducing perspiration and leaving feet dry and comfortable. In addition, Q-nova is resistant to abrasion and wear , it is an ideal material for intensive sports activities.

Combine business with pleasure

Complementing its performance properties, Q-nova is also environmentally friendly. It's made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for consumers who care about their impact on the environment. Obtained from regenerated nylon raw materials, it is an excellent substitute. Nylon being for its part very energy-intensive and in addition it degrades very slowly in our post-consumer environment.

A validated life-size test

It seemed interesting to us to use Q-nova in the creation of its sports socks. After 18 months of races by the whole community, it turns out that it is an ideal choice for demanding athletes who are looking for a comfortable, safe experience (who has not had sores on their feet raise their hands) and who also have an environmental conscience.

Over the course of races and training, we are amazed by the durability of this material.