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Run for your life Fred Lebow marathon New York


This exceptional doc retraces the life of a legendary figure in US running: Fred Lebow, the founder of the NYC Marathon. Or how a man transformed a small race of a hundred participants into the most famous event in the world.

Prefontaine Jared Leto running


Steve Prefontaine (1951-1975) is a major personality in US running. PRE was nicknamed the James Dean of running. Handsome, talented, rebellious and left too young in a car accident. The biopic "Prefontaine" (1997), starring Jared Leto, chronicles the life of the champion, one of America's greatest long-distance runners.

Marathon Man Dustin Hoffman Central Park NYC


It's not a running movie. But the scene of Dustin Hoffman running in Central Park is so cult... Especially since at the time, in 1976, only madmen and thieves ran in Central Park (and elsewhere). Running was not popular. The New York marathon had just been born (127 participants for its 1st edition in 1970...) 1976 will change everything. Not only will the Reservoir become cult, but above all the NYC Marathon will enter another dimension when Fred Lebow decides to redesign its course and make it pass through the 5 boroughs of NY. It is the birth of a race that has become legendary.

running Maichel Douglas


When Michael Douglas played an apprentice marathon runner determined to represent his country at the Olympic Games to save his couple and his family. Not his greatest film... But "Running" has the merit of having Michael Douglas in the cast and plunging us into the atmosphere of running in the 1970s.

Free to Run freedom equality documentary running Katrine Zwitzer Noel Tamini


A cult documentary on the history of running that recounts the evolution of free running from the first wild nature outings in the early 1970s to gigantic international marathons. There is of course the SPIRIDON movement, pioneer and pillar of the democratization of running in Europe. But also mythical American figures: Steve Prefontaine, Kathrine Switzer, Fred Lebow... And we measure to what extent history
race is closely linked to that of social rights. Exciting.